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--->!!!!! We are very excited to announce that our OUTREACH Project, supported by Shift/Basiskultur, is now ready. Get ready for three very special events in unexpected places!!!! Read below what awaits you there:

Is it Trash? Klang- und Geräterecycling mit Götz Bury
Date: April 12, 2024
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Demontage und Recycling Zentrum, Vogtgasse 29, 1140 Vienna

We are surrounded by technical devices and functional items that enrich and simplify our lives. But what happens to these things when they break down, cease to function, and are deemed "no longer usable"?
The inventor and visual artist Götz Bury has built new instruments for "Little Rosies Kindergarten" from exactly these objects - an old ski pole becomes a wind instrument, the cooling fins of a server become a novel violin, and approximately 2000 microwave bells find new use as percussion instruments.
"Der Klang des Mülls" is an attempt to depict sustainability as a transformative process: recycling as a means of finding new forms and functions in old and broken things, thereby giving them a place in our lives again - away from huge landfills and debris piles and towards a more conscious use of the resources available to us.
In cooperation and made possible by the DRZ - Demontage und Recycling Zentrum.

Unerhört! Klänge des Alltags am Henriettenplatz
Date: May 16, 2024
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Henriettenplatz, 1150 Vienna

Making audible the small, often overlooked sounds of everyday life - that's what this concert is about.
Together with a class from "BRGORG15 Henriettenplatz," "Little Rosies Kindergarten" will create an acoustic portrait of the school and the people working within it, bringing their daily lives to life through sound. By recording their surroundings (e.g., the hallway in school, the squeaky classroom door, conversations on the way to the gym, etc.), the students will engage directly with their auditory environment. Additionally, musicians from our ensemble have composed exclusive music for this concert and location, which will also be performed. This is about the fusion of noise, sounds, and music in public spaces - a tightrope walk at the threshold of perception.
Directly at Henriettenplatz, under the open sky, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in this installative sound experience and open their ears wide - where is the boundary between noise, sound, and music?

Du bleda Bua / Nöstlinger at Nöstlingerhof with Sarah Jung

Date: June 14, 2024 Location: Nöstlingerhof, Rosensteingasse 48, 1170 Vienna

In addition to her well-known children's books, Viennese cult author Christine Nöstlinger has also written very impressive and challenging poems about Viennese life. "Little Rosies Kindergarten" together with actress and speaker Sarah Jung will tackle her poetry collection "Iba die gaunz oamen Leit."
The texts address social grievances and tragic individual fates of stranded existences. Christine Nöstlinger makes her characters shine in an extraordinary directness: she does not shy away from ugliness, she does not avert her gaze, but looks into the lives of those who are often forgotten. Thus, the poems deeply touch the reader and leave room for the typical Viennese black humor and teasing, despite all the tragedy. These reportage-like texts meet the improvised sounds of our ensemble: sometimes embedded, sometimes contradicted, they show their still valid, sad relevance.
The concert, which will also be the album presentation, will take place directly in the communal building "Nöstlingerhof." In the corridors and corners of the building, the touching fates of these people will be depicted and made tangible.
A cooperation with Mandelbaumverlag and the association "Mitten in Hernals" (

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Our new "EXPLORATIONS - live at Porgy&Bess" Album is about to come. Get your ticket for our release concert on September 16th!!!

We are about to launch our new workshop/concerts series with the working title “Rosies to the People” at Froff Vienna. In fall 2023 we will do three afternoons open for everybody with the topic musical improvisation. Everybody is welcome, no need to be a musician. Just bring your open mind. In the evening of each workshop we will do a little concert. More details will follow soon. Dates see on our concert schedule.

Did you like our performance together with the actress Sarah Jung last year? We are also working on an album with these Christine Nöstlinger texts. Release: early 2024. stay tuned.

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